Reasons why I hate public transport #16

Oi! Fucking mentalist coffin dodger in the mobility cart – driving in the middle of the cunting fucking road:
1. Move out the way you fucking arsewipe!


3. Why are you driving in the middle of the road up a busy high street? huh? WHY?! WHY???
– oh, and move you fucking burk!!

I need to be somewhere on time, so travelling at a maximum of 4mph aint gonna cut it buddy.
Turn off, pull over – sprout some fucking wings & fly away, just do whatever the fuck you gotta do & get out of the damn buses way, Now!  – before I jump off this bus & go all road rage on yo’ crazy head, mofo.


K does Christmas – Part 3!

This weekend I put up the Tree at the BF’s!
I was quite looking forward to the task, despite feeling like crap – and the fact that the tree is actually older than him and a bit sparse!  But I was filled to the brim with glittering joy, that was until I discovered the tree was impersonating the leaning tower of pisa.
Despite trying everything, rearranging, dismantling, starting again – and even nailing the fucker to a plank of mdf – it still looks like it’s going to take a dive, so I just crossed my fingers, hoped for the best & continued regardless – and obviously not thinking things through as I decided to make the leaning side  the front of the tree! doh!

….and you may place your bets to how long it stands!

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The trials & tribulations of the Resting Bitch Face

“Cheer up luv, it might never happen”

Do you know what, ‘mate’?  “IT”  just fucking did happen!
–  I was minding my own business, when some utter arsehat came along and thought he could pass judgement on my happiness levels & my face.
now I have to use every last bit of my tolerance & will power not to punch you in the throat.

So Jog on. Go fly a kit. Do one.  Fucking knob.

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Creepy man at the bus stop, don’t be creepy!
Don’t creep up behind a total stranger and murmur “eh-lo beh-be” in their ear.

Because, 1. It’s really fucking creepy, you cunt.

and 2. As you discovered – you startled me; So you got the knee jerk reaction of a wallopp to your mid section.
No, I’m really not sorry.
I also do not want to talk to you, that’s why I’ve told you to fuck off.

K does…… health & fitness?

One thing I’m often asked, especially whilst shovelling a piece of cake into my mouth, is – “K!? How do YOU keep your figure?!?”    – and I’m never really sure how to answer that…

Pickled,  sealed in a airtight container, stored in a cool dark place – away from direct sunlight?

So lets start –  Diet….

It’s very important to have a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes your ‘5 a day’.  Thankfully chocolate actually has ALL 5!  Yes mofo – all-fucking-five!
Don’t believe me?  tsk!  just look at the ingredients and you’ll clearly see that my word is truth!

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