Back in my day… #1

What is with this trend of having #SELFIE printed on everything?  Hats, tshirts, bags…
as a ‘fashion statement’ – it’s really pretty cringe-worthy.

And now to make myself sound like a granny, but back in my day
a selfie wasn’t a self-taken photograph, taken on your fancy phone and then whored all over social media….


It meant giving your self some ‘self love’.
Flicking the switch. Choking the chicken. Pulling the pork. Going han solo…
You get the idea, basically making the lil’ baba jebus cry whilst you play air guitar with your naughty bits.

So I guess the meaning has transformed slightly – Because lets face it, anyone that wears a #Selfie logo – or posts about 100 ‘selfies’ a day, is basically a massive wanker.


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