Musical Mondays #2

Ok, so it’s Tuesday – but I’m a forgetful cunt and forgot to post this yesterday!

Anyway!  I’ve been reminiscing about my college days lately, so for this Musical Monday, I thought I’d share a song that reminds me of back then.

When I first heard this song – I was completely  enthralled, I felt if I could have ever written a song – I really wished it had been this.
– If I was able to sing & not sound like a cat being raped by a hippo then I would take great joy in singing this to you all at any opportunity, but I can’t, so I wont….
But back when I was a teenager – I wasn’t so considerate to other peoples ear’s & never let a silly little thing like my distinct lack of talent stop me from randomly bursting into song whenever I felt like it – and this was one of the songs I performed many, many times.


I use to long for the day that I’d wake up and  discover that my life had magically turned into a musical – and everyone would be singing & dancing, I felt this little dream needed a helping hand so I would often burst into song; I would stand outside my college, pretend that Orpington was my audience  – and that people would genuinely be enthralled by my dulcet tones with whatever song I was slaying – (…..and would prehaps even join in).

Other than ‘My favourite things’, some of my other favourite’s songs that I would rejoice in performing….

a little ditty, sung to the tune of ‘this old man’ that my sister taught me when I was younger….
“I love you, you love me,

People think we’re just good friends,
but we’re really lesbians”

….and when I could stand on top of stairwell or any raised area, I’d pretend it was a balcony and shoo away anyone else standing there, then inform everyone beneath me – or that walked by, that they were the common people, my peasants
– then screech out the words to ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’, sometimes I would improvise with the words, probably because I couldn’t always remember all the lyrics, but as you can imagine – it was always a very heart felt and truly moving performance.


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