Musical Mondays #1

Anyone that clearly remembers Ally McBeal,that fabulous show from the 90’s – all about that skinny-minnie lawyer, with a severe psychotic disorder – that would spaz out & hallucinate all over the place,  will maybe remember that, as part of her therapy – she had a ‘theme song’ – just to help her along in her day to day life, when her usual pouting & a teeny tiny slut skirts, just weren’t enough.

I used to be totally obsessed with that show – so I can’t help but take a little inspiration from it;  No – not hallucinating, being a crazy-lady or the slut skirts (well, ok, maybe that one…)
The inspiration – I have a goddamn theme song, motherfucker!
Yes, that’s right –  Like Ally, when I need that little extra bounce in my step,  or just when I need to pretend  that I don’t want to stab someone in the face, or pry their eye out with a biro…..

I magically play this in my head.
It lifts me up, makes me smile & as I haven’t tortured anyone with a piece of stationery, it obviously works a treat.


……and “shut that scabby cunt mouth” has possibly become my new favourite expression and I look forward to the day I get to use it.


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