K does Christmas part 4….

I’ve been pretty busy, had a gianormous gum abscess – and had my chin/jaw swell up – which wasn’t pretty –  so being a bit more miserable than usual, I’ve not really been in the mood for blogging…..

So! just to finish up all this fucking cunting Christmas lark – here’s some of the other stuff I got up to….

I’ll start with the slightly more interesting:

I  decided it would be lovely of me if I made up some baubles as gifts for a few people (there was going to be more, but I got fed up pretty quickly)

– I decided I wanted to do them on glass baubles, so they would be more likely to blend with their decorations.
I discovered water slide transfer paper, so got some of that thinking it would be a fabulous & easy way of doing this; but obviously it wasn’t – it was a massive cunting pain in my arse.   My printer deciding it didn’t want to print properly, then having to buy a clear acrylic sealer to spray the designs before using them….
and then using them – meh!   the colours weren’t as bold as they were meant to be, bits ripped or stuck to each other & generally just got fucked up  – so  I ended up having to go over & hand paint 3 or the 4 I did.
I then found a a load of old fimo clay – and decided it would be awesome to make a  clay octopus  bauble,  so mixed all the remnants together to make a decent amount and then started faffing.
I was going to make two – but it all took much so longer than I expected, so I decided I didn’t want to be trying that again.

So here’s Krampus, Yule Cat & Caganer…

and then the octopus baubles….

I also made up a candle to go with the baubles – I printed onto white tissue paper, then cut out the design – then placed it on the candle –  and then using my heat gun, gently heated it so that the wax seeped through the paper & encased it….


I was going to maker up more candles as gifts – I managed to make one more (in a different design) – as I got fed up of arguing with my printer.

Right – so now onto Christmas at home -I went for the more traditional approach, as I mother-dearest really wouldn’t have appreciated goat-demons & giant man eating cats…

So I made up two cone wreaths – the frames were just crappy plastic things from poundland, that I’d stripped off the tinsel & hot glued on the cones.  The first has a handful that have been glittered & sprayed gold – and the second, I couldn’t be bothered with al of that, so left them as they were & threw in a bit of holly….

For our larger tree in the conservatory, I just did a gold and ‘natural’ colour theme – so just shoved a load of pine cones and shit in there and  glittered / spray painted old & new decorations & other stuff and added in bits of broken jewellery.
The large metal flowers were ugly ‘wall art’ thingies from poundland last summer, that just got beautified and I painted a handful of artificial roses.
I also made up a little bird nest & eggs – and spray painted a strange parrot thing I’d picked up in Tiger for £1.
And there you go….


Then the slightly smaller tree in the living room – I got a bit carried away with the amount of decorations I repainted & glittered, so ended up using less than half!
I wanted to do a white, iridescent, gunmetal, navy & silver  – and reindeer theme, so had 4 different sets of 9, but as the tree was far too small, there was only enough to use two sets, Pah!  so I’ll use all these on the larger tree next year.
I didn’t do anything too exciting – just glittering some old baubles  and  I stuffed some glass baubles with some strange crinkly shredded iridescent cellophane stuff and used a few cheap white feather boas to wrap around the tree, and I made up some strange nipple baubles…

The end!

Now hopefully I’ll slowly be able to rid my bedroom, everything I own – and my fucking scalp –  of all the cunting glitter!



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