K does Christmas – Part 3!

This weekend I put up the Tree at the BF’s!
I was quite looking forward to the task, despite feeling like crap – and the fact that the tree is actually older than him and a bit sparse!  But I was filled to the brim with glittering joy, that was until I discovered the tree was impersonating the leaning tower of pisa.
Despite trying everything, rearranging, dismantling, starting again – and even nailing the fucker to a plank of mdf – it still looks like it’s going to take a dive, so I just crossed my fingers, hoped for the best & continued regardless – and obviously not thinking things through as I decided to make the leaning side  the front of the tree! doh!

….and you may place your bets to how long it stands!

and so forth to the (slightly better quality than usual) photo-bonanza!






One thought on “K does Christmas – Part 3!

  1. You should put the tree up early next year so that trick or treaters can come and pick a candy off the tree. Very cool looks like it could have come out of The Nightmare Before Christmas.


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