The Squatty Potty…

I don’t really have that much to say about this – apart from this has got to be the best advert I’ve seen in the past few years…..

I do think £27 is a little bit expensive for an ugly chunk of plastic  (or £49.99 for the wooden version) But the ‘science’ behind it is correct –
Unicorns do poop rainbow icecream & You gotta squat to help your bot – exit that plop-plop.

For the cheap & thrifty – just stack a few thick books/catalogues (- like the yellow pages)  by the loo to place your feet on  and that’ll do the same damn thing.
Personally, when I’m constipated – I go for a different approach – the Poo claw!   – I just insert a covered finger up my bum & help ease out those tiny little nuggets –  and that works a treat –  and that’s also a lovely little thought to end this post on, making sure none of you fuckers will ever want to shake my hand.





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