K does Christmas Part 2!

So picking up from where I left off on my first Christmas post….

I’d started working on some ridiculously long horns for the Krampus mask. That first attempt just didn’t work,  they just flopped all over the place – so I started from scratch on a smaller set.

But lets start with the mask – I won it on ebay for about £0.60p – and it looked like this –


Until I covered it in platinum glitter & painted the teeth, stains & all.

Back on to the horns – First I made the basic frame using some crappy chickenwire from poundland…  (You’ll have to excuse the crappy quality of the photos! )

I then covered each horn with a few black sacks &  wrapped with some cellotape….


To bulk it out a little more and to add texture, I wrapped with cling film that was all clinging to itself, forming a sort of rope & then blasted it with my heat gun to melt it slightly to stop it from unravelling….


Then – the next steps I totally forgot to photograph…
But I spray painted the horns in a matt black & once that was touch dry – I used a dark brown acrylic paint, which I just roughly applied over the black;  then the next day I dry brushed over it with some taupe & other browns to pick up more of the texture…



– So that’s the main Krampus decoration for the tree!

So for the few other bits I’ve done – in the 99p shop, I used spotted packs of 3 hanging reindeer heads, they were a crappy white & blue glitter that wasn’t very sparkly – and you could see the massive join down the middle – so I sorted them & made them all sparkly & purple…..


Also in the 99p shop was a pack of 3 hanging shoes – so I soaked & scrubbed off the patchy cheap glitter – and re-glittered them, one in platinum, one purple & the other in a pink/purple/platinum mix:


You may be thinking – what the fuck do high heels have to do with chrimbo, huh?
well, over in the Czech Republic – there’s a silly tradition for the single ladies. On Christmas eve, they stand with their backs to the door and toss a shoes over a shoulder. If it lands with the toe facing the door it means she will get married within the year – But if it lands with the heel facing the door, she’s in for another year of unmarried status.
The shoe-abuse all sounds rather desperate to me & its not a tradition I was initially interested in – but I thought the shoes were pretty, so they’re going on the motherfucking tree.

I also found some nutcracker soldiers in B&M! –  they were packs of two for about £2- 3.  This is what they looked like (I have no idea why wordpress insists on making this pic upside down) –

I decided to make them my disco warriors!


I still have to finish them off & tidy them up –  just to remove the excess glitter from everywhere & repaint a few details, but I’m not making any other changes…..
But what I’ve done  – I  repainted & glittered them – and I as I just couldn’t be looking at that sad scraggly thin hair, I used some faux fur to treat them to some new fuller locks!


…….and then last night, instead of finishing of the nutcrackers, I thought –
oh! wouldn’t it be nice to have a little robin for the tree! wouldn’t that be all lovely & christmassy….

Me being me – I actually had a dead robin that I’d found at the start of the year.  It was just ripped pieces, loose feathers & with the wings, tail & legs separated – basically, the fucked up crappy remains from a  seriously buggered first attempt of taxidermy;  But waste not, want not – and all that jazz….

So I used a polystyrene base & just glued on the patches of the skin, loose feathers, etc  and then made the beak using epoxy putty & struck in some glass eyes….

and then just shoved a eye-screw thingy in the top so it could be hung –


A bit scruffy, I could have prehaps done a neater job if I didn’t insist on doing all this crap before I go to bed – but I think it’s cute, in a Frankenstein’s monster  kinda way.



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