Only Maker shoes – Massive Rant & Review

Recently I placed an order with Only Maker, for a pair of fabulous looking booties that were on clearance at $20  – so £13.33 (postage was £6 something…), and that also promised a 3-4 day delivery for their “European crazy fans”,

Just look at them! Just look…..  Mmm!  They make me want to reach out and stroke them in a seemingly inappropriate manner.


So, after a week, still no shoes – so I mailed them asking  WHERE ARE MY GODDAMN SHOES??
– and a day later, I got a response, telling me they were sold out, but I could still purchase them at full price. Huh? Uh-uh!   So I was filled me with shoe-rage & I wanted to go all Ringu on their arses –  crawl through my screen and bring them destruction…..
so yes, I was sad & annoyed about the lack of shoes coming my way – but more pissed about the lack of customer service, I just found it a bit too sloppy & to my irrational mind, it read like a massive tease – DO NOT TEASE ME WITH SHOES!  EVER!   They promised a refund – but they were very slow at processing & they needed a few reminders, it kinda came across like they were stalling.

Now, if I hadn’t brought from them before, I think I would have been totally put off wanting to try again  – But I’m poor & determined to have new shoes, as it had been FOREVER since I brought any (well, June/July- also from OM) – and as they then had a ‘Halloween special’ of free postage,  I went back into the clearance range & decided on two other pairs, both $20 & also promising a 3-4 delivery of European customers…..

Not really my style, the zebra are actually pretty ugly, no wonder they were in the clearance – and the silver – well, not as bad – but I thought – what the hell, I can work with it, as they’re so cheap, I’ll just get them so I customise & beautify them.
….2 days later, I get a mail telling me the silver courts were out of stock & they would refund me. Eurgh! I thought, here we go again.   But then I was told the other pair would be dispatched.  Another 2 days later, I get a mail saying they have been dispatched via Amazon – and the estimated delivery date,  which in total, would be a 10 days, which I guess is still pretty good, just not 3-4 days as advertised.
….But as it turned out, they arrived earlier than expected –  so only took 7 days.

As I was drafting this (5th nov), I looked upon their clearance section once again & saw that those original booties I wanted were apparently back in stock! This may be another tease, but I couldn’t resist and so I obviously HAD to buy them! ‘twould be rude not to!   Not that I really had the spare cash for it, I was meant to use the little money I had to buy a few little Xmas presents – but I’m sure anyone coming up short on gifts from me this year will totally understand that my feet’s need for fabulousness totally outweighs any regard I have for them….

And then there it was, the next day I opened my email – and I was told they are out of stock – AGAIN, so no booties for me!   I fail to see how this was a genuine mistake a second time, so it’s just a big fucking cunting tease because I can still get them ‘full price’.   Hmmm!
Surprisingly, this time I wasn’t filled with absolute rage, just irritated enough to make me want to pop a poop in the post to them. Obviously I didn’t, because that costs money & I’m a cheap bitch buying from the clearance range.

So back on topic!  the shoes I got from them last summer,  I got whilst on offer from their AliExpress store, for the grand total of £27 (inc postage) – So I gots me some Zanotti ‘butterfly cut out’ knock off’s, hell yeah! …

close up of the genuine guiseppe zanotti sandals – and what I actually received…….


Not the most flattering of pics – they’re much more purple & nicer in person.
But I thought they’re pretty close to how they’re meant to look, although the upper could have been more fitted / tailored looking & the heel really could have done with being a little slimmer & neater.
But they are what they are – they certainly aren’t a pair of Zanotti’s, not that I’m complaining –  I was happy with them, especially for what I paid.
As for everything else – I found the sizing VERY generous, I could have actually done with a size or two smaller –  but overall, I found that they were really pretty comfy. I wore them to a wedding, so I was in them for at least 7 hours  and my feet were totally fine….
There was only one pic of me wearing them, which is also pretty crappy & unclear –


And so on to the zebra shoes.  Meh!  what I actually received:
They look pretty much the same & just as ugly as the pics on the website.
They appeared to be well made, although I thought they looked rather big, bulky and a little boxy; They also fitted about size too small.
So poo-poo to them.

For £13.33, I thought it probably wasn’t worth trying to return them – but I’ll sent an email to complain about the sizing – and so forth to my email I went…
and to my absolute delight, before I got the chance – I see in their utter confusion over processing all my other refunds for those 3 other orders, they also refunded these.

At some point, I may give Only Maker one more chance –   But for now, I am left with the all important decision – be sensible & use all the refunded cash on xmas gifts or necessities, or buy some different heels, that aren’t ugly, and fit.   hmmmmmmm

I hear the pretties calling me.


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