Not so much a ‘hate’, just an annoyance – but whilst slumming it on the bus yesterday, I felt the steely gaze of a baby-child-thing, his eyes unflinching & full of disapproval,  like he was about to pop out of his pram & start wagging a grubby little snot topped finger in my face.

I tried to ignore it, but I could feel those eyes boring into me, so I stuck out my tongue, gave  little wave and did my best version of a smile, which exhausted my tolerance & niceness levels for the day; But that judgey little stare continued, so I thought to myself – Ppppft!  Youse just a little parasite – you aint gonna stare me out, bitch!

And so, the stare down began. 
I have to hand it to the little fucker – he was the Clint Eastwood of the baby world and didn’t flinch for a good few minutes.
But come on! this was only going to end one way – he deflected his gaze & I won.

But that little mofo was determined & wanted a rematch.

This continued until match 4, when being a terribly sore loser, he started to cry – and I was then met with a tut & a look of disapproval from the beasts mother.
But still, I won.


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