K does – The John Lewis Xmas ad.

So it’s that time of year again – and the John Lewis Christmas ad has once again caused soppy fuckers to bawl their eyes out & flood their living rooms & facebook in their unnecessary emotion.

Apparently this has an important & powerful message or some lark –  so lets take a moment to watch, appreciate & learn.

I’m not really sure what I’m meant to take from this, or what the message is?

For me, it is either of two things….

1. It is a lesson to young lilly and all the other little children of the world:
Watch yourself bitch! As soon as you start wetting yourself, hiding your poo behind the radiator & forgetting your name – we’ll be sending you off, far, far away & forgetting all about you, just like grandad.

I’m guessing that the old man must be her Granddad, or some form of relative – as otherwise it all gets a bit inappropriate & creepy, which leads me nicely onto  the next –

2. Its a message of optimism & hope.
Just not for most folk, just to the pedos.
Hang in there mate, the right one will come along – she’ll even buy you a telescope so you can spy on her.


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