The other day whilst attempting to depart the bus, I lost my balance & fell into the corner of one of the seats, so now just at the top of my leg bone is pretty sore and swollen – making it look creepy-boney &  slightly deformed.

Like the last ‘Reason why I hate public transport’, I guess this is partially my own fault, this time for being a clumsy cunt, but as I’m never actually to blame for anything I do –  it was that filthy dirty bus’s fault. Bad bus!   So this is another RWIHPT, as if the world was the way it should be, I’d be boo-boo free &  flying on top of a fucking unicorn, shooting rainbows out my ta-ta’s  & giving a little queen-ie wave to all you people beneath me, or I’d at least be chauffeured around like a lady of leisure that I am.

But neither of those things are happening, so boo-hoo me having to continue to ride the peasant wagon.


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