Do you know what really gets my goat, well – at least this morning – cunting jizz face imbecile ebay sellers giving glitter beyond idiotic names and making me spend the past hour or so trawling through endless listings to find what I want.

Take THIS glitter listing as a prime example:
So prehaps I’m a tad pedantic, but this makes me unreasonably angry, Passion pink puppy? What the fuck is that??? it doesn’t even make sense!  its Fuchsia you cuntacular numpty!
Blue bamboo….  erm….   when is bamboo ever blue?   You’d be better off calling it Azure Blue, arsehat!   and one I did actually like – Mucus Green – although I’d be seriously worried if anyone’s mucus was that shade of green, or even similar. I’m also sure if anyone ever wanted a shade of ‘mucus’  glitter, they would be sorely disappointed to find a Moss green….

I actually brought from that seller last year, then the glitter was on offer – and also without clear photos, I brought the ‘plum delicious’ and I thought – I don’t really need to see it, it’s plum – plum is plum.  but it wasn’t plum – but actually a deep mulberry.

So a quote springs to mind….

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet”

I say, Fuck off Shakespeare you massive cunt. A rose is a rose! If you put it on ebay & call it anything else, I’ll want to punch you in the face.



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