Shitty bus drivers!

This morning, I decided to be productive & put the hour or so I’d be stuck on the 358 to good use. I had probably my shittest & most deluded idea of the year which led me to believe I could spend my time gluing on AND painting my nails, this would have prehaps, just maybe – been a slightly less terrible decision if the bus driver didn’t drive like a complete cunt.

I only just about managed  to glue on my nails, just one was wonky, I also glued some of the contents of my bag. So it was at this point, when I looked down upon the crap glued onto my packet of cookies, that I realised this probably wouldn’t end well – especially as standing passengers were loosing their balance & so I really should just admit defeat. Obvs I didn’t, as in the moment of blind optimism & arrogance, I stupidly believed I could at least do a semi decent job of the first coat….

So out came the polish!  I attempted to only paint every time the bus stopped, or was on a straight road, but I totally underestimated the drivers awfulness & ultimately – it was for that reason, I ended up with nail polish on my face.


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