Hey lady! This isn’t the x-factor & your  little darling Anastasia does not, I repeat – DOES NOT have a “beautiful voice”.

Are you really that deluded? Or when you spawned this seed of satan, did she rip your hooha right up to your eardrums making you deaf – and dumb?
Prehaps you’re actually a big fat sadist; you have to listen to this shit every day, so in turn you think everyone on this bus should suffer too?!  Is that why you keep looking over at me with that stupid smile?
Or are you one of those annoying twunts that like to ‘spread the joy’
Pfft! It ain’t happening; just look at this face – it’s stone fucking cold & I ain’t cracking smiles at noone, ‘specially not some crazy bitch & a screeching demonchild.


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