K does – current affairs……

Sugar tax??? Fucking sugar tax!   it’s them damn little fatty obese kids ruining everything for me again!

First, they ruined crisps – amounts in packs were reduced,  along with all salt & favourings and other goodness.   Then places like maccy D’s started reducing their salt & stuff, making things a bit ‘healthier’

– EURGH!   If I wanted to eat healthy, I wouldn’t be going to a cunting shittip like the golden arches to consume some yummy awfulness; If I wanted a healthier snack, I wouldn’t buy crisps.  Fucking fatties ruining everything – and making me say something I thought would never pass my lips – as I primarily live on junk…..

but fatties, please! Learn to eat & feed your families a little more responsibly, or with moderation –  and stop ruining all the junky goodness for me with your blubberness.

So now a sugar tax could be introduced? oh hell no!
To be honest, I don’t care much about fizzy drinks, as I try to avoid them – cos I’m responsible (snigger!) – and don’t want to be a fatty.  But other sugary goods??   Touch my fucking chocolate or biscuits and I’ll cut a bitch!

also, what is this crap with tabloids & such calling this current state an “obesity epidemic”?
that’s milking the drama-llama a little hard, isn’t it? if I come into contact with – or a fatty breaths on me, will I catch it??   Ppffft!

…and just to end this with a disclaimer by clarifying – I really don’t care what size a person is, or what /how much they eat, it makes absolutely no difference to me. So fatties continue being fat if that’s what makes you happy or whatever – and in honesty, I’m glad you’re all around – as it makes me look slimmer.


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