My first post, by K – aged 28 and 70-something – or so months old.

My first post! whoppie-fucking-do!
I have no idea what form this blog & its content will take, or even if I’ll  bother keeping up with it – or if anyone will even want to read it.

So –  lets start off by explaining the name – What is a “Kuntabulous” and what does it do? 

Kuntabulous is my word – I have probably used it for about a decade & I lay claim to its creation, so it’s mine, got it??!

But what does it mean?  –  Not that this needs explaining, but it’s a amalgamated term of cunt & fabulous – so it pretty much means those two things  combined.
When I tried to think of a single word that would best describe myself, I thought – well,  I can come across as a bit rude/abrupt/cuntish – I’m also utterly fabulous, my favouite word is cunt & I like the letter K – so why not combine them all together?
….so I did, and that was its creation.
This morning I was curious & thought – do random people use this term, if so – how do they define it?
So I turned to Urban dictionary & found the misspelt ‘cuntabulous’:

Term for a woman that possesses beautiful, unique, pleasurable, satisfying, or excellent vagina. This term is different for everyone because everyone has different preferences.
– Ryan thought back on his night of passion with Trisha and recalled that she was “cuntabulous”.
by CaptainCrunch420 March 16, 2009
Eugh! No. Just no.
Also, Mr crunch, every Vagina is unique, you massive queef!


You think you are the shitt and you are willing to be a cunt about it!

– Doris wanted to hang out all the damn time and she tries to make me jealous when ive got shit to do… Shes such a bitch sometimes.

Nah dude it sounds like thats an all the time thing… That bitch is cuntabulous !!!!!

by King Shitt December 13, 2011
That’s just gibberish, apart from ‘willing to be a cunt about it’….


Thinly disguised negative gossip delivered by women who are cunts anyways.
– “I can’t wait to hear what cuntabulous things she has to say about me this time.”
by Snitch99 March 16, 2013
Definition – No, but I liked the example, and it could be used that way – so Snitch99 you can have a little pat on the back, for not being a complete imbecile like the posters before you.

My meaning, which obviously is the correct meaning, as its my word:

It is something / someone that is fiercely & unapologetically fabulous.

When you’re unafraid to go against the grain & speak your mind – potentially offending, but not giving a hoot, as in truth – everyone other fucker was thinking it, and you deliver your venom with such pizazz, then you my friend – can have a gold star & also call yourself Kuntabulous.


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